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Taking your infant in the pool with you for the first time can be nerve wracking for any parent, we hold classes at your home to give you the confidence to take your baby swimming safely. From our 'Introduction to Water' session to ongoing lessons for older babies we ensure that the water is a fun, safe place to have your baby. We give you the tools to practice the beautiful bonding experience that swimming can facilitate for mummy/daddy and baby.


As babies are our specialty, these group swimming lessons are often booked well in advance - please contact us for available dates. 


Learn To Swim


All of our Swim instructors are qualified and experienced to ensure your child can learn to swim safely, we encourage swimming skills development through play and always teach evidence based skills. We currently teach private swim lessons from infancy through to primary years and our one on one option ensures your child is getting the most out of their time in the lesson. We teach the kids (and you as the parent) ways that they can practice the new skills between lessons and return on an 'as needed' basis - saving you time and money. 


Swimming in Groups


We often have Mums groups come to us and ask to teach them altogether, we love to do these sorts of groups and watch mums and babies develop confidence with their friends. We are able to divide the cost amongst you for this, everyone wins! Private mums n bubs lessons are amongst our favourites to teach


If none of you have a pool that we can use, thats no problem! We have a home-based pool that we teach private swimming lessons in when required.

We also have group lessons, run from our home based pool! these are a great way to get quality swim lessons and make new friends